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Why I love my sister

My sister was the first family member I came out to. She was so supportive. I think she even uttered a "yeah, I knew way before you did." So in celebrating of my coming out she took me to dinner at Applebees. I told her how hot our waitress was and my sister and I started bonding from then on. We spent a lot of time together after I came out and she was so supportive when my parents didn't take it well. She's very open-minded and she even has me on her heroes on myspace, "for not being afraid to be who she really is."

She's amazing. She's moved about an hour away so I don't see her as much. So I really miss being close to her.

Five things I love!!!

 Oops sorry, originally posted this as a comment.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Tell us about your favorite things. Better yet, SHOW us. Approximately 5 pictures of things you LOVE and/or are obsessed with and/or have sentimental attachment to...

Mine!!Collapse )

Your turn!

Coming out story...

Lets see... I have a few... One sweet and one fucking funny.

So funny one first... I was in Palm Springs visiting my nana (She actually lives in desert hot springs) and we were out to lunch and at the time I had my tongue pierced and she said what is that on your tongue... so I stick it out and the tongue ring was rainbow and she said are you gay and I said yes and she said that's cool.. I was gay once but then I decided that I liked guys too much..

Now the sweet one... One night I get home after being out with my girlfriend and there is this little note on my bed from my dad and it says.. If you ever need to tell me something you. Love, Dad.  So I read it freak out wake my sister up and I am like oh dear lord... So I wrote a letter and said I am gay and I have been dating Megan for five months... and I put it next to his coffee cup... The next morning I was up getting ready for school (I was a sophomore in College) and he said we love you no matter what and hugged me..

So funny and sweet... oh and my aunt slapped me and said like I didn't know you idiot.. I have an interesting family...

Reasons why we love our friends/family

So many wonderful things about women have been posted here in the last few days, it's great. I love how much we all like boobs lol! And of course many, many other things because women are clearly awesome :P

I thought it'd be fun to start a new idea, but feel free to keep going on the other ones, post random intros, start your own bandwagons, whatever! That's what this community is for, and hopefully we can keep it active!

We've covered what we love about ourselves, what we love about women...how about what we love about our friends or family? Share our favorite coming-out story, or make a list of why our loved ones rock when it comes to accepting our sexuality. If you had a hard time, feel free to post that too, but I hope we all have at least one positive experience to share!

Mine's pretty simple. My best friend knew before I did :) Our conversation:

[talking about what I did the night before, keeping it gender neutral]
her: "So who is he?"
me: "Okay so there's something I have to tell you...I'm kinda bi."
her: "Yeah, I know."
me: "No, I'm like, really bi."
her: "hah, yeah I've known for a while, I was just waiting for you to tell me!"
me: "Okay so her name is..."

For the record, I've now decided I'm "lesbi," maybe about halfway between lesbian and bi. Mostly I've had more experience with guys, enough to know I don't really like them! We've already established how much better girls are, so I don't really need to go into that :)

NEW! <3

I'm currently awaiting admitance to the Lesbian community, so I thought I'd join here too. Lets see..

Ten Things I Love About Women

1. Boobs. I love boobs.
2. Long hair, I'm such a sucker for chicks with long hair.
3. Lips. Especially the kissing.. Yum...
4. The feel of them.
5. A narrow waist and shapey hips. So freaking yum!!!
6. BOOBS.. yeah.. twice.. shows you how much a love them..
7. Their voice.
8. Their smell..
9. The way they look at you when they're "interested".
10. The honest one's. Now that is sexy as hell! <3

My Girls..Collapse )

10 Things...I love about Women

1. Their touch- softer touch 
2. Eyes- I love beautiful eyes. Doesnt' matter the color tho it seems that I adore blue or green eyes
3. Their lips- soft and gentle, perfect for kissing-which brings me to 4...
4. Kissing- I love kissing. I really like the kiss that can get you tingly in your "chamber of secrets"
5. Body- the women's body is a work of art. Just beautiful. curves in all the right places...
6.The intimacy- be it sexual or emotional- a woman's intimacy is just such a rush. The connection you feel with or can feel with another woman is like no other
7.The way a woman carries herself- appearance or otherwise...Such grace
8.Hair- I prefer longer hair for my partner but a short cut is hot as well
9. Their voice
10.and the number 10 thing ...their Cherry Chapstick...I love the taste of Cherry Chapstick or anything good tasting lip gloss or treat